Lunch with the big boss

Boss : « So, how is work? How is it going with your team? »
La ptite Lu : « It is ok, a lot of work… »

Boss : « Did you think about hiring an intern? »
La ptite lu (thinking) : Oh shit.. he just put mashed potatoe on his chin…

Boss : « Intern is a very good solution. It is cheap and if he works well you can propose him to stay… »
La ptite Lu  (thinking) : Fuck, what should I do? If I tell him, he will feel stupid… and he won’t be happy that I show that he eats like a pig…
Boss : « You know, the workload will increase so you shall anticipate now… »
La ptite Lu (thinking) : But if I don’t tell him it is worst… I can not let him go back to work like that…

Boss : « You know, management is all about anticipation…  »
La ptite Lu (still thinking) : Ok, I tell him, whatever… Talking : « mmm you …  »
Boss : » Yes? »
La ptite Lu (thinking again) : Oh yeah!!! He wipes his mouth !!!
La ptite Lu (talking) : » …are right ! I’m gonna hire an intern! « 

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