Taxi driver : English ?
La ptite Lu : French

Taxi driver : Do you like chinese food ?
La ptite Lu : Yes, I do

Taxi driver : How long have you been in Shanghai ?
La ptite Lu : 3 years
Taxi driver : For work ?
La ptite Lu : Yes

Taxi driver : How much do you earn ?
La ptite Lu (thinking in french) : This guy is so rude !

Taxi driver (keep asking about salary) : Money ? Per month ?
La ptite Lu : I don’t understand…

I guess he was thinking that I am stupid… at the end he even show me a stack of RMB notes and asked : Money ?? Per month ?? And I still pretended that I don’t get anything… I didn’t really want to show off. Maybe it is a french useless bashfulness but it’s the way I am.
After that I asked to my boyfriend and he told me :  » This is totally normal, old Chinese people do that all the time. There is no matter to talk about that for them. They like to know, especially if you are a foreigner. »
Very nosy these old Chinese people… huh ?