Ohayo Tokyo!

12 November 2014 at 10 h 21 min


Ptite Lu has not been very active lately. I have a good excuse: I went to Japan with TH (the pretext is…) for my birthday! I have thought about making a little note before but… no time! 

So, I have a lot of pictures and a lot of things to tell you.
We went for a week in Japan and we stayed mainly in Tokyo. The city is big and there are many things to do! Beside Tokyo, we spent two days in Hakone, a small town 2 hours by train from Tokyo to enjoy the hot springs and nature. We planned to see the Fuji Mount but it remained hidden behind the clouds… Big disappointment! But at least we saw it from the plane 🙂
And Ohayo means good morning and Japanese.

r– Shinjuku –

Tokyo… It’s crazy, great, fantastic! It is completely new and different from anything we know. We both knew we would be in a new world but it was beyond what we imagined.
First, the people are incredibly polite and helpful. We are so far from the surly French people and disrespectful Chinese people. We know that it is in their culture to be polite, reserved and respectful. They don’t show when they are angry or bored. It must be a big pressure not showing what we feel.

Everything is clean, tidy, well-organized, well orchestrated. Trains, buses, subways… Even at rush hour. People do not run, they do not run when the subway doors close. They stay patient and wait for their turns.

The city never seems to sleep and come at the height of its agitation at night. Late at night, you can smell alcohol on the streets. Professional men in black suit and white shirt working so hard during but completely drunk at night.
I let you have a look at the pictures, most of them come from the video of TH. The selection had been very difficult, there are so many things to see!

Capture-d’écran-2013-06-01-– Harajuku –

37 – Sweet drinks at every corner on the street –

s – Takoyaki, delicious little ball of fish and seafood –

tako – Takoyaki, under 3 layers of sauces –

nounours – Japanese people love game. Here you must get the teddy bear with the big pliers. Good luck –

g – These two girls wanted to get all the chocolate boxes. They finally managed to do it, they were so happy! As I was –

fleur– Harajuku –

regard– He is looking at us –

voiture– Shinjuku –

okono– Okonomyaki –

okono3 – It is a pancake full of stuff… –

okono2 – …that we eat with a lot of sauces –

1– Shibuya –

33 – Noodle soop and tempura –

f – When you eat the noodle you must do slurrrp –

34 – Our favorite noodle restaurant, Ikebukuro –

sumo – Sumo wrestler –

sumo2 – Another sumo wrestler –

21 – Suit and tie –

20 – Rush hour –


22 – This is not a train station. Only a metro station. There are many differents metro lines in Tokyo –

23 – Pink bibs –

24– Konnichiwa, Hakone –

25 – Akita Doggy –

26 – Green hats –

27 – Noodle soop –

28 – Cute school uniform, Hakone –

30 – Eel sushi, Unagi (in my Top 5) –

35 – Omelete sushi, Tamago (in my Top 5) –

31– Ikebukuro –

32 – View from the Metropolitain Governement, Shinjuku –

38 – View from the Metropolitain Governement, Shinjuku –

fuji – We have seen the Fuji Mount! –

Next time I will show you the Fish Market of Tokyo to Tsukiji!