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21 février 2019 at 15 h 27 min


Baby is not born yet but I am actively preparing for his arrival and ideally, in a eco-friendly way. Which isn’t easy, especially regarding the issue of diapers.

So I did my research and there is one thing I got: it is that disposable diapers are terrible. For the environment BUT ALSO for baby.

Why bad for baby?

Because they are stuffed with chemicals!
Made from wood pulp, they are chlorine bleached which release dioxins, a highly toxic substance. To make them absorbent, they are made from sodium polyacrylate, a toxic and carcinogenic endocrine disruptors (something which is forbidden in hygienic tampons since 25 years because of the toxic shock). They also contain traces of glyphosate pesticides and heavy metal such as tributyl tin (TBT) or monobutyl (MTB). Other toxic nasties like toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, dipentene bad for health (allergy, asthma, headaches …) were found. The sealing is made of synthetic materials (oil), which doesn’t allow the air  to circulate and increase temperature inside the diaper. That is quite bad  for little  baby boy testicles. It can also create some irritation, rashes…

Scary Info: It is recommended not to store the diapers in baby’s bedroom and not to let him/her play with it. Not reassuring for something we will put on his / her buttock for 2 years…

Why bad for the environment?

As mentioned, the disposable diapers are made from wood pulp : 5 million trees are destroyed every year for diapers. The latex that makes its rubber part comes from huge cahoutchou plantation. More than 650kg of raw materials (from oil), 20m3 of water and one ton of waste (about 6,000 layers) per child. Let’s not forget that it takes 500 years to biodegrade.  Burning it will emit toxic gases because of its bad composition.

What solutions?

The best solution: washable diapers

Their manufacturing requires much less water and raw materials than the disposable ones because they are reusable.

Ok the boring part is you need to wash them and make sure you have plenty of them to ensure a smooth rythm. So be super organized and have a very good washing machine.

A big challenge to start. I agree. I’ll talk about it when the baby is here and tell you about my experience.

That’s why I have looked for a second solution without putting myself under too much pressure just in case the washable diaper doesn’t work out.

The second solution: eco-friendly diaper

Ecological diapers are disposable so it’s still a waste produced but they are made with less chemicals (mainly cotton and synthetic materials) and therefore they are much healthier for baby.

I discovered the Eco-friendly nappies, a brand brought by Marc. 

Don’t hesitate to scan his QR Code to add him in your contact for more info. 

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