The eco-friendly tips N°17 of LaPtiteLu

14 December 2018 at 18 h 41 min


Yes, I know. I’m asking a lot. Who would go vegan at this time of the year? The time of “foie gras”,  turkey, oyster, buttery bûche and so many other tasty food. 

Someone who really wants to make a difference? 

Someone who really cares about animal well-being? 

Someone who doesn’t want to get a food hangover? 

Someone who wants to stay in shape? 

Someone who likes crazy challenge? 

Whatever your reasons are, they are good. 

And remember, the most important is to try. If it sounds too hard for  you, why not trying to have a  vegan  meal  once a day? Or the week  before Christmas? 

We are nearly 1000 to take part in this vegan challenge.  

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