One product for the floor, one for the glass windows, another one for the bathroom, one more for the sink, and then another one for the oven… STOP!

Do you know that you can save time, money and space by making your own cleaning products that can be used for every surface?

Find an old jar, fill it with half water and half white vinegar. Add orange peels and let them soak for a few weeks. Then, pour the liquid into a spray bottle. That’s it! Ready to use!

You can use it with a handkerchief made from an old T-shirt for example 😉 

You will get a homemade eco-friendly and non toxic cleaning product. And it smells nice ! It’s very efficient to clean kitchen as orange help to dissolve grease but you can also use it in your living room, office, bathroom… almost everywhere!

Tempted to try? You will see, it’s very enjoyable and you will feel like a wizard making magic potion 😉

Do you already make your own cleaning product? Don’t hesitate to share your tips.
There are many recipes ! Everyone needs to find his/ her favorite 🙂

Have a nice day!