The ECO-friendly tips N°10 of LaPtiteLu

12 January 2018 at 15 h 30 min


Or any other coffee makers that don’t require capsules.

Why ?

250 grams of coffee capsules generates 10 times more packaging than a pack of ground coffee of the same weight.

Each year, Nespresso sells about 9 billion capsules worldwide, so 40,000 tons of waste. I know what you will tell me: “But they have set up their own recycling chain!” Come on, you’re not so naive. Keep in mind that it is only to make the consumer feel better. Anyway, even if all the capsules were recycled, it would still have a strong environmental impact (transport, cleaning, packaging, recycling…)

Of course, you can go for recycled or biodegradable capsules, but the generated gas emissions only decrease by 20%.

The winner is the Moka pot  with only 1kg of greenhouse gas emission per year!

The good thing with these coffee makers is that you can reuse the coffee grounds in many way:

– it is a natural fertilizer rich in nutrients, potassium and nitrogen for your plants.

– It’s a good repellant against bugs. You can put a bowl of coffee ground in front of doors or windows to ward off insects!

– you can pour a little in the sink every week to clean the pipes and unclog them.

– It is very effective against grease, in small quantity to clean dishes for example.

– It absorbs bad smell in the fridge.

– you can use it in your bathroom, for example by mixing it with your soap to scrub of your skin. It has a decongestant and draining effects, thanks to caffeine.

– And my favourite: you can put it in your compost.

How about that? Wouldn’t it be a shame to not use it?

And you, how do you make your coffee?