When you order a hot drink in a coffee shop, most of the time it will be served in a paper cup. Ahhh those bloody paper cups, one of the popular symbols of our throw-away society! A nightmare for the environment.

The making of paper cups requires resources such as wood (therefore trees), petrol, water and also chemical products and energy, not to mention plastic covers, paper holders or stirers…

All these single-use paper cups end up in the trash after a short-period usage,  or in the ocean, which is the same since our garbage often end up in the ocean.

Oh you wanna talk about recycling? Sorry, these cups are not recyclable because of their plastic lining, therefore not biodegradable either.

More than 4 billion cups are consumed in France every year. I did not find the number for China but it’s best not knowing because I would probably have a stroke.

MY SOLUTION: Ask for a mug when ordering your drinks and if you want to have them take away, use your flask or your own reusable mug.

TIPS: Some coffee shops offer you a 3 RMB discount when you bring your own mug 😉 

Isn’t that easy to be ecoconscious?