The ECO-friendly tips N°11 of LaPtiteLu

1 February 2018 at 15 h 30 min


For this 11th eco tips, I have decided to finally write about this sensitive topic.

Each year there are 56 BILLION animals slaughtered in horrible conditions to satisfy our addictions to meat. The demand is so excessive that it generates a series of catastrophes: health scandals, ecological degradation, human diseases linked to an excess of proteins and animal fats. And, of course, great suffering of animals, constantly mistreated from birth to death.

Factory farming contributes more to global warming than all cars, planes and buses in the world combined, and 75% of farmland is dedicated to animal feed.

We don’t have to all become vegetarians overnight, but according to experts, of all that we can do to avoid a global catastrophe, reducing our consumption of meat is the most effective option.

It has been five years since I have stopped eating meat. I have a healthy and balanced diet, I am never sick, I have no deficiency and I have the satisfaction of not contributing to animal suffering and making a gesture for the planet. And for me, this tastes much better than a steak.

What about you? Too hard for you? Willing to give it a try or already vegetarian?