Home Sweet home

12 November 2014 at 22 h 11 min


Home Sweet Home as title of an article made with pictures of sunny beaches and idyllic landscapes. Because my home is Martinique, where I had not been for 5 years. Yes it is a lot, but when you live in China and you have 12 days of vacation per year it is difficult to arrange a holiday that will take three days of traveling. Instead of going to Marinitque, we prefered to discover new countries and time flies without us noticing.

Finally with a little determination and organization and a lot of money and promise to my boss to check my emails every day, everything is possible! In a few weeks we had booked our plane tickets to meet each other, my sister (who lives in Germany), my boyfriend (who had never traveled so far) and I, in our Martinique house where our mother was waiting with impatience. The term is a bit low but let’s keep that way.

It is a bit far…


After a so long absence, I expected to be in a permanent crisis of hysterical happiness (like me hugging each coconut screaming with joy), but the reunion were natural and actually I had the feeling that I left yesterday. West Indies rhythm was taken immediately we walked through the doors of the airport with the familiar breath of warm and moist air. Habits returned immediately we arrived in the home of our childhood. I will prepare a nice article about it 😉
In the meantime, I leave you with some pictures of my homeland. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

03 The jetty of Arlet Bay

11 The church of Arlet Bay

25 Fishermen, Arlet Bay

33 Cashew nut

24 Plate of accras, fish, crab and blood sausage

20 Lorraine beer, made in Martinique

65 Beach in Sainte Luce

Beach in Sainte Luce

09View of Pelée Mountain, hidden in the clouds

47 Walking street in Saint Pierre

51 Ruin  of the theater in Saint Pierre

50 Caribbean sea view from Saint Pierre

53 Bougainvilla flower

46 Turin Bay, Saint Pierre

45 Sunset on Carbet road

29 In Saint Pierre street

13Grilled lobster

30 Goat colombo

38 Home made rhum, Fort de France market

37 Home made rhum, Fort de France market

36 West Indies spicies, Fort de France market

35 Punch, Fort de France market

34 Vender of home made rhum, Fort de France market

28 Vender of fruits and vegetables, Fort de France market

41 Hibiscus flower

Communion chocolate and sweet bread

40 View from Marin beach on the sleeping woman

31 Plate of cod accras

23 Sun in Bougainvilla

22 The humingbird of the house

59 Nap under the mango tree

58 Fish barbecue

32 Clément rhum

12 Salines, one of the most beautiful of Martinique

44 What I left in Salines

19 The postcard landscape

18 Sun in the waves

17 Sky of Salines

02 The golden waves

08 Bouliki forest

07 Bouliki forest

06 Porcelain Rose, Bouliki

49 Banana flower, Bouliki

48 River in Bouliki

04 View from the lighthouse in Caravelle

63 The other side

62 The Atlantic ocean

15 The end of the world

54 The evil table


56 The lonely coconut trees

57 The noise of the waves, the wind and the sun

21 Dry land and sea

26 Better not to fall

Reward after 3 hours of treking

39 Hello fish!

60 Last lunch in the garden, avocado “féroce” and cod pastry