25 years later

12 November 2014 at 22 h 26 min


You seem to have enjoyed my last article about Martinique and I am glad if I manage to show you my love for my island and make you want to go 🙂

To go on with the theme of Martinique here is a new article but a little bit special.
Before leaving on vacation, I found an old photograph of my sister and I, aged 2 and 5 years in our garden in Martinique. I thought it would be very funny to do the same picture both in the same place but 25 years later… Oh f**k… 25 years !…
We ended up looking at the old photo albums and  had a lot of fun doing a few picture like this. I can tell you… It was one of my best holiday moments.

I really hesitated to make it as an article for my blog. I was afraid to cross the line of decency. Ok la ptite lu is not very ladylike, that is why we have never seen her real face and she only exist in a comic character form.  Today, I will show you the real photos of my childhood, my true little girl face, my true face of new thirty (yes I celebrated my 30 years in Martinique! Yes I fucking enjoy life!) my real mom and my real ”pipoune”, my younger sister. And then when we also live so far from each other while we love each other so much (Indeed fusional mother / daughters Relationship), We must capture the reunion.
So what do you think? We haven’t changed that much 🙂

04-Grapaud Sarah and I in the garden

01-Sarah-robe-blanche Sarah, white dress and red shoes on the terrace

03-Lucie-Haut-Vert I, sitting in the step in the garden

02-Piano I, (pretending) to play piano

05-Course Mum and I, encouraging the bike race

06-grand-jardin Under the mango tree

07-Pas-content In front of the kitchen

08-Sarah-robe-bleue Sarah siting on the terrace step

09-Jus-de-raison Sitting on the cement driveway. Sarah holds a bottle of grape juice. Too bad, we did not have the bottle anymore.

10-sur-le-banc On the bench in the garden

12-plage-assise At the beach…

11-plage-allonge At the beach again… we used to go to the beach quite often… 

We can do it again… in the next 25 years! Indeed, 3 old ladies lying on the beach might not have the same effect… but it might be funny 🙂