To eat or not to eat

11 November 2014 at 18 h 47 min


Today I want to tell you about a documentary I watched this weekend which changed  the way I ‘ll eat in the future. This is a speech given by an American, Gary Yourofsky, a strong supporter of animal rights. A friend of my gave me the Youtube link saying: “Look at this, this is a guy who said we should stop eating meat because we are actually herbivors. It also show how the animals are mistreated in slaughterhouses. I think I will not eat so much meat anymore.”

photo :

I was thinking “Don’t try to convert me into a vegetarian, I love meat.” but in the other hand,  the thought  is selfish and it makes me a little cunt.
But I watched the documentary. so, I’m a little cunt but not completely …After watching the documentary,  I have changed my mind.

Gary Yourofsky doesn’t want to convert anyone to anything. And me either. 😉 He just wants to inform people. To allow us to have the right information and make the right choice.

Watch this video, watch also the sequence of questions and answers at the end. It really makes you think. It’s shocking, it’s hard, but we have no right to ignore these things just because we love meat. You will tell me that won’t  change anything, there will always be cows, pigs and many other animals tortured. Sure, it will not change, but at least you can choose not to take part in this massacre.

Have a look on his website :