I’m Jo. Jo Putao.

15 September 2015 at 15 h 00 min


Today, I would like to introduce you to a new character that I created recently. Jo! Jo Putao.
Le Bordelais is a French restaurant in Shanghai specialized in Bordeaux wine.
Franck, the founder, contacted me a few months ago to design a little character. He likes LaPtiteLu, so he thought about me to make some comics about wine. Comics about wine? I said yes! This is how Jo was born.

Why Jo Putao ? Because, Jo comes from “Jiǔ” (酒) in Chinese (the prononciation sounds more like “Jio” ) which means “wine” and “Pútáo” (葡萄) which means”grape”.


Franck wanted one story per week to publish on the wechat of Le Bordelais.
We worked together to find some ideas for each stories. The purpose is to educate people and make wine more approachable and more fun. We target mostly Chinese people who love French products. But I am sure you can appreciate Jo even if you are not Chinese ^^

Some pictures of Le Bordelais restaurant in Shanghai

Here is the first story about Jo.

Presentation_05Presentation_06Presentation_07 To discover more stories, you can scan this QR code and follow their wechat. You can also check their Facebook !

So? What do you think about Jo?